Jim Muenckler Insurance Agent

Insurance Policies specifically designed for the Small Business Owner, Self Employed & Sole Proprietor - Disability Income Insurance, Business Expense Insurance, Term & Whole LIfe Insurance

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A Reliable Insurance Agent In Cleveland

In the heart of Cleveland, Georgia, Jim Muenckler Insurance Agent stands as a trusted partner for small business owners seeking Disability Insurance and/or Business Expense Insurance policies. I am currently licensed in the State of Georgia. As demand dictates I can easily obtain a license for any state in our ...

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Distinctive Specialization in Disability Insurance

What sets Jim Muenckler Insurance Agent apart is I was once a self employed business owner with no ties to selling insurance. I always disliked paying insurance premiums feeling like I am not really getting anything for it (immediate gratification syndrome I am told) UNTIL the need arises! I had a motorcycle ...

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